Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pimped out Cozy Coupe

       I have been on the hunt for an older model Little Tike's Cozy Coupe since my daughter was 6 months old.  I despise the new ones with those big googly eyes, smiley face and who could miss the $50 plus price point!  OUCH!!  I wanted to find one to fix up for her birthday first which was the beginning of December but when I came up empty handed I decided to do it for Christmas.  Still no luck.  People on Craigslist wanted way too much for the condition of theirs and traveling too far defeat the purpose.  And the Goodwill's I searched didn't have anything.  Last week I decided to visit a thrift store famous in our area but that I had never been to.  After browsing a few aisles I turned a corner and there she was!!  I could see the light beaming off her and could hear the music in the background!  I looked it over very carefully to make sure if something was really wrong with it I could fix it but other than faded coloring, it was perfect!  I snatched it up fast and didn't care to look for anything else, I had big plans for this baby!

Music City Thrift Store Find

I have had plenty of ideas since I ever had the idea of redoing one.  But now that I physically had one in the back of my truck, the wheels were turning like crazy!!  I wanted my baby girl to be so excited to see something made just for her-even though, let's face it, she's 15 months and could care less!  I'm pretty sure everything will be self explanatory in the pics but feel free to ask any questions.  Here she is being customized......

     All of the above pics were first using paint.  I had not primed it with any sealant at this point or added any of the personal details.  If you are wondering I used all Martha Stewart Paints after the spray paints I bought ended in tragedy!  LOVE THESE MARTHA STEWART PAINTS BECAUSE YOU CAN USE THEM ON EVERY THING!!  I used Pearl White for the seat, Pearl Purple for the car and Silver Metallic for all the pieces I wanted to look like chrome.  I used regular clear spray paint sealant and some mod podge acrylic sealant since I had it on hand.  Here are the pictures after the sealants and a personal touch.......

   Then the big reveal for sweet pea.............

    She loved this little car so much we had to bring it inside for her to play with.  She acted as if she was @ the Drive Inn!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

   As of last night I touched up a few more pieces where paint had rubbed off.  The opening and closing of that door wears away the paint.  I also bought some glitter sealant and sprayed a bunch all over but I'm not sure how well it actually worked.  Will update pics later if it was worth it.  I also glued a princess foam piece that I painted silver to the back top of the hood.  I am in the process of working on a license plate and am going to go to home depot to find some cool handles to use as door handles.  Also, considering adding a sippy cup holder to the front by the steering wheel since it slides around in the back.  I would love any other tips or ideas if you have any.  I thought about covering some foam pieces in a coordinating fabric for the seat but I just love the Pearl White and hate to cover it up.

   I will update as I add new things so everyone can see the final result.  And please feel free to offer me suggestions.  A lot of you out there are much craftier than me!

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