Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wreath Stand

   I saw this beauty a few weeks ago on one of my favorite sites and fell in love.  Especially since I had recently been requested by my cousin the bride to be for me to make her something.  That sounds easy enough for someone who likes to craft but when you put me on the spot like that I become blank.  I decided something out of the ordinary that could be used outside the home would be fun and different.  So, I decided to tackle this bad boy.  In my true fashion I didn't read any measurements and just eyeballed it.  That is why I have only one semi-decent picture that was taken by the bride when she got it home because I forgot to in my haste to finish it with a one year old trying to help me.  I started off making it large like the picture but soon realized traveling 2 hours away with it and luggage in my car was no going to work so I had to cut the frame down.  In doing so I was left with a large bottom piece, too large for my new measurements, and time running away from me.  To offset the bottom piece I placed two blue mason jars on either side and stuck three battery operated tea lights inside each one.  The wreath in the picture is slowly starting to die even more so it looks horrible but it looked great the day I gave it to her.  I used a plain Evergreen wreath and added white roses and baby's breath.  The extras of those I had I placed inside the mason jars.  In the picture below the very top board that supports the hook holding the wreath is the only piece not visible.  I used Martha Stewart's pain in Copper Red for the entire piece except the name.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters and used the off white paint for our trim and baseboards to paint in the name. Holding all of this together is my trusty liquid nails and a few screws. I hope this inspires you to make your own version as well!