Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making an old dining set new again

    Growing up my parents had a round dining set that we used for years.  When I was in my early teens my Father just came home with a new dining set one day and this one was put into storage.

A picture of my parents first table.

   The picture above was taken in our first home.  When we moved into our second home most of the chairs that came with the original table had broken so they got new ones.  My Mom had my Grandmother reupholster some chairs she had and these were the ones we used until they were out into storage.

A picture of one of the four chairs my Grandmother reupholstered for our table.

   A few years ago my sister joined me by moving to Nashville.  As we all know with being young and broke she didn't have much furniture or money for it.  I had already been living in Nashville for a few years so I had established more grown up furniture and let her use my first dining table, which was a blue folding table and chairs.  She used it for a year or so before I talked her into taking Mom and Dad's old table.  I told her I had seen all sorts of ideas on many blogs and we could fix it up to suit her.  I helped her pick out the paint color for the table and chairs and left it up to her to choose the fabric.  She painted all of the furniture and when it came to the table we had a discussion on whether or not to paint the top or leave it as is.  I showed her pictures I had seen on other blogs of both ways but told I thought it would look better natural and that you could always go back and paint it if you didn't like it.  Once all the painting was done it was time to reupholster. This was my first reupholstering job and I was a little nervous but it was really easy which kind of worried me.  The pictures are not the greatest because this was one of the projects I did before I ever decided to start a blog.  So please excuse the mess!  Here are the pictures of our final product.

The refinished table.

Chair after painting but before reupholstering.

The final reupholstered chair.  The front view.

The back view.

The before and after view.

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