Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Place to Admire Artwork

     I have been wanting the Ikea cable strand to use to hang up my child's artwork but I live states away from one.  (  Instead I found the two pieces of molding in my days garage and decided these would have to do for now.  I went home and spray painted then a simple white color.  I had considered coloring the board the same as the wall color to make the artwork stand out more but just wasn't sure that would like right.  Time will tell if I change it.  The boards I used were older boards that had bowed from sitting so long and weren't cut perfectly but it was a nice quick fix.  Here are a few pics of how it all came together.  First I found the better of the two boards I had and went with it.  I took it outside to my spray painting area and began my work.  (Side note: I rent and there is paint everywhere from all of my projects,,,,oops!  It ranges from the concrete out front to the wood deck on the patio.)  If anyone has any suggestions on east ways to remove it please let me know.  Some is acrylic paint, Martha Stewart's all in ones and spray paint.  Back to the project...............

I chose this wood because of the separate notices to show off her artwork better.

This is a closer view of the wood I used.

These are the clips I painted to match.

This is me adding the first peg to see how it looked.

This is the final image after all hooks have been placed and artwork added.

     I will admit it is not the most gorgeous thing in the world but it does serve it's purpose well.  I have one more piece of board about the same size that I am thinking of adding below this one but just not sire yet.  This was a quick fix but I would rather have the cables from Ikea if anyone wants to mail me some through Paypal! :)  You can;t tell it in the pictures but the board was slightly warped.  I tried using my all time favorite command strips which hangs everything in my house at this point but it wouldn't hold.  So I had to get creative and use the lids from soda cans glued to the back of the board to hold the nails I used in the end. 

     So far it looks good, mainly because it's my baby girls artwork, but my Cricut machine is screaming at me to put some sort of quote or phrase above them,  That's if I don;t get me those Ikea brackets first-HELP!