Friday, April 12, 2013

Chevron Sparkled Wall

   I was in Target a month or so ago and found a chevron rug I fell in love with!  See below.......

   After I brought it home I was browsing around craft sites when I noticed someone had posted that Lowes sells gold and silver glitter to add to your paint for a sparkly wall.  I was intrigued and loved the idea of a sparkly wall so I decided I needed a chevron sparkled wall in my bathroom.  I searched the Internet for a good chevron pattern to print out to use as my stencil.  I then used my $1 contact paper from the Dollar Tree to cut out lots of chevron stencils to stick on the wall.

The start of laying out the stencil pattern on the wall.

Another view.

A closer view, just because I took the picture.

   I was in such a hurry to get the glitter paint on the wall that I didn't measure out anything precisely, I just eye-balled it.  I also decided to not extend the pattern all the way to the sides of the wall so I put blue tape on the sides to make a nice border.  After all the prep it was time to mix the paint!

This is the product I used, found at Lowes for $7 each.

 I chose the silver to match my accessories.  Instructions are simple, mix as much or as little as you want to your paint.  Then paint your walls as you normally would.  I ended up using all of the package for my wall.

Almost finished painting in this picture but you can see the subtle difference.

Here is a close up of how it looks next to the unpainted side.

   I will say that while I was painting I was loving how much I could see it sparkle.  Little did I know that it wouldn't stay that vibrant.  I was so bummed out!  I have been trying to think of something to do to make the sparkles show more without having to redo the whole process over luck so far.  This is the final product I ended up with after all that work.

Finished chevron sparkled wall.

Another view of the finished product.

   I only took close up pictures because you just could not see the pattern or sparkles without doing so.  I have to get right up on it and look at it from the side to really see the detail in it.  I am really disappointed it didn't turn out better.  If anyone has any suggestions on an easy way to help make it stand out better please let me know.  I have linked up to these sites below.....