Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tepee Project

     I have noticed so many custom tepee's on the blogs I read these days and decided to take on the challenge myself.  I started by going to Hobby Lobby and picking out my yard of fabric and then off the Home Depot to get the five dowel rods.  As usual I didn't measure anything and just eyeballed it.  I started by choosing a spot about three inched down on each rod to drill a hole.

These are a few of my supplies.

This is where I chose to drill the holes for my string.

    I already had a roll of jute string in my supply closet so I decided to use it to secure the rods together.  I started by threading the string through all of the holes first.

    Once that was done I tied a large knot at one end.  The holes I drilled were a little bigger than I intended so I had to make sure my knot was rather large and secure.  I used some hot glue as well to secure it to the rod to help keep it in place.  Next I wrapped the jute string around all the rods.  I pulled it very tight and wrapped and wrapped and get the idea.  When I thought I had it secured enough I pulled the last bit of string through a few pieced that were tightly wrapped.  hen I tied a small knot and secure it with hot glue.

    I let it sit for a few minutes to let the glue secure itself while I tried to figure out how to apply the fabric.  I sadly do not own a sewing machine (wishing and hoping and praying to get one soon!).  Once I was ready for the fabric I took the rods and fanned them out to form the structure of the tepee.  I then laid my fabric around the structure trying to get it to fit just right.  My first problem was that I should have bought more fabric than I did since I don't have a sewing machine to accurately apply it to the structure.  So I used fabric glue to secure the fabric around the two front rods and then used hot glue to secure the top part of the fabric to the jute string.  Since it looked messy on top I added a ribbon around it to try to help the look of it but I am not happy with it.  I have plans to add more fabric so it has an opening that can be opened and closed.  I also want to add a bow or some decoration on the top part where the ribbon is to make it look better.  Then there is the inside where I want to make a mat and pillows so it will be comfy and cozy on the inside.  It isn't finished but here it is..............

Picture taken in the daytime.