Friday, July 5, 2013

ASCP Challenge Finale!

   Let me start by saying that this project ended up being bigger than I imagined and at times I hated the Annie Sloan chalk paint!  The earlier post showed all but one chair painted but after letting it set over night it looked horrible.  It was streaky, there were lots of missed places and in some places you could see the two colors side by side because they didn't mix well.  And then I looked in the cans and saw there was no paint left!  I took my brush and scrapped the sides of the can and tried to get every last drop I could to finish the messed up places but I just didn't have enough!  I will admit that it brought me to tears.  All this money and i couldn't even complete my project.  I had seen all these youtube videos where women were painting three or more pieces of furniture with just one can and I couldn't finish mine with two?!  I was dumbfounded!  After wiping away the tears and realizing I couldn't do anything about it and I was NOT going to purchase any more paint, I grabbed the clear wax and started pressing on!  The clear wax was an easy process but I didn't like the expensive brush I bought to put it on so much.  It kept leaving lots of the hairs behind so I wiped everything down with a cloth afterwards to get the hairs off and make sure everything was covered.  So I sat looking at these chairs and the table after the clear wax was put on and stared at the dark wax can.  Did I really want to put this on after the paint fiasco?!  I will admit I was terrified of this process but I opened the can, grabbed a brush and got started.  It was easy to do but very messy!  I went through four or five cloths wiping the wax off.  Here is a picture of the finished bottom of the table after adding the dark wax but the top is still just the clear wax.

   After completing the bottom half I was getting the hang of it.  I loved that you could put it on any way you wanted, how ever much you wanted and then wipe it off making it look any way you want.  It was the only part of the whole project I really enjoyed,  So here are the pics I know you are wanting to see, the finished table and chairs.

   The fabric on the chairs was changed too.  I picked it out before finishing the table and chairs and could not have imagined it matching so perfectly.  I am beyond pleased with how it turned it!!  All I did was take a cushion with me to Hobby Lobby where they cut enough fabric for me to wrap them.  I washed the fabric and then tried ironing it before putting it on the cushions but I am so uncoordinated when it comes to fabric that it kept getting wrinkled when I folded and moved it to cut out the squares for the cushions.  I thought I took pics of this process but I can't find any so I guess I didn't.  All I did was cut enough to wrap around the sides and used mt staple gun to keep it in place.  Since I'm not very strong with the staple gun I had to use a hammer most times to push the staple all the way in.  Then I turned the seat over and ironed the fabric.

 Here is the detail of my fabric.  I have a wine themed kitchen and dining area so I chose this fabric.

One last picture of the final product.  Please disregard the mess on the table, I'm trying to make a tent for my daughter.  And the chairs have to be against the wall because my daughter likes to climb on them and stand on the table!  Thanks for looking, I'm linking up here......