Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice Cream Bread

    My sister and I were talking last night and she mentioned hearing about ice cream bread.  I had seen it a month or so ago on another blog and thought it was crazy!  A customer of hers had given her the recipe and after talking so long about it we decided it was so simple we would have to make it!  We had everything but the ice cream so off to the grocery store we went.  We decided if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right so we chose to get Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  This ice cream also comes in a pint which is exactly how much you need for the recipe.  I had tried the Red Velvet Cake flavor when I was pregnant and fell in love!!  My sister had tried it of course when I found out how great it was so we decided to use this flavor.  According to the directions, you can use any flavor!  So, if you have a favorite you should try it.

The recipe calls for one and a half cups of self-rising flour and two cups of any ice cream softened.

Mix these ingredients together thoroughly.

Place mixture into any pan of your choice for baking.  Place into 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

This is what our bread looked like after baking, before we took it out of the pan.

Here is the ice cream bread after we plated it.

Here is the close up of the bread after cutting into it.

    I was very surprised at how non sweet the bread was.  We specifically chose a very sweet ice cream with chunks of icing in it but the bread tasted more like regular bread.  Only in a few bites was I able to find a hint of sweetness.  I was so surprised that it worked!  I am still not sure on why I would need to bake this in the future but I would love to hear how you used this bread!