Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trunk Transformation

    I have been trying to find a storage solution for the ever growing amount of toys in our house.  I looked into buying a nice toy box but even the cheap plastic ones are too pricey in my opinion.  A few weeks ago I went to Goodwill with my daughter to see if I could find a few good deals on some winter clothes.  I found quite a bit actually but the thing that caught my eye was this horridly ugly toy box!

    As soon as I saw it and the $12 price tag I knew I could have the toy box of my dreams!!

The top of the trunk was coming apart but I already had plans of using the leftover foam and batting from the headboard upholstery and reuse the fabric from the tee pee I made that my daughter never used.

This is the picture of the inside of the trunk turned toy box.

Here is a 3 am snap shot of me painting the trunk in the middle of the living room.  It took two coats on the inside and outside to cover up the ugly before.  This was just some paint we had leftover from another project so I am unsure of the exact color but it's basic white to me.  With it being so late and trying to get all the major work done before the tyrant princess awoke I skipped taking pics of upholstering the top of the trunk.  If you read the last post about the headboard, it's the same instructions only on a smaller scale.

I apologize for the picture quality but we are still looking for lighting solutions in her room.  With no overhead lights and a kid who likes to destroy everything she can touch we are running out of options.  If you have any ideas please feel free to comment.  And as much as I hate to admit this when I went to Lowe's to buy the new hardware for the toy box I didn't factor in all the foam, batting and material when inserting the screws.  I went crazy trying every way possible to put the toy box back together and after hours I thought I had it!!  Only to find out after her using it that the lid is broken and no longer works.  The particle board just won't hold and I'm running out of ideas.  I'm thinking of scratching the covered top and adding some trim around the top and boards down the front, back and sides to make it look more polished.  Although I really don't want to see the toys at all times and I'm so afraid of her smashing her fingers!  If anyone has any ideas or did a similar project and has any tips please let me know.  Thanks!